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Music Monday: College Songs 3

This coming weekend is the weekend away with some of my college friends and to celebrate that, I thought I would revisit some more music from our college years (related posts: College Songs, College Songs 2).

Only Time | Enya
I discovered Enya in college and her music was perfect for studying… just like the Braveheart soundtrack. A month or so ago I was at a coffee shop reading and created an Enya station on Pandora and oh my goodness did it take me right back to the dorm room (or coffee kitchen), listening to my discman (remember when you could only listen to one album at a time when you were on the go?).

Against the Wind | Maire Brennan
My studying music also included a couple Celtic Women CDs (this one and this one were my favorites) and hearing any of the songs again after over a decade again immediately makes me feel all sorts of anxiety about needing to study or write a paper – which is both comforting and worrisome.

Only Wanna Be With You | Hootie & The Blowfish
Poor Darius Rucker, I, like everyone else in the world thought that Hootie was his actual name, or at least his nickname. But I do just love Hootie… and I love to say that word, hootie… also, the drummer with his long hair cracks me up and this video in general.

3 A.M. | Matchbox Twenty (back when they were Matchbox 20)
A band that as survived the test of time… I wonder how sick of this song they are, I’d imagine they still play it at concerts. I remember this CD very clearly and pulling it out to listen to for the first time when my shipment of free CDs from BMG came (anyone else sign up for the 12 free CDs from BMG like a dozen times? I had a CD purchasing problem.).

I’ll Be | Edwin McCain
Edwin McCain had pretty fabulous hair back in the day. I do love this song and thought it was so sad he didn’t have more hits but a quick search reminded me of Could Not Ask for More so I was proven wrong, he had two hits. Really, when you have lyrics like “the rain falls angry on the tin roof” you can’t expect to have long-term success.

Let Us Pray | Steven Curtis Chapman
I remembered this song with the thought that maybe I was going to make fun of it a little but then it started playing on YouTube and it made me want to dance. I need to play it for the kids tonight… I think they will love it.

Lead of Love | Caedmon’s Call
I cannot recall if I have ever seen Caedmon’s Call in concert, but I know I certainly have more than my fair share of their music and this was the first song I fell in love with. I didn’t really listen to Christian music before I went to Calvin – just Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman at youth rallies, who are great in their own way but Caedman’s Call really appealed to me the same way pop music did… more than just “God” music that you listened to because you were a good little Christian.

Barely Breathing | Duncan Sheik
I see Glee did a cover of this song but I prefer the original. The lyrics… they might have been incredibly poignant for any heartbroken 20-something. But isn’t every 20-something heartbroken at some point, we are all a little overly-emotional at that stage of life.

I Don’t Want to Wait | Paula Cole
If you were a female in her early 20s in the late 90s, this song is likely pretty near and dear to your heart. And you fall on one side of the Pacey vs. Dawson spectrum (if you picked Pacey, we could be BFFs).

One Sweet World | Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
When they came to Calvin my freshman year and I went to the concert with Sparky Mark (so named because I felt no spark for the poor guy but did not let that stop me from going to the concert with him because I wasn’t about to miss out due to a lack of attraction), Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds open with this song. This concert (nearly 3 hours of acoustic Dave and Tim) and David Gray in Minneapolis (a concert that sold out in five minutes in an old theater – Heidi and I were in the balcony and could feel the whole floor swaying from the people and the music – and back with he toured with just his drummer) are my two favorite concerts that I’ve ever been to – what’s your favorite? Or what songs bring you back your college years?


Music Monday: Jack’s Favorites

We made it through the weekend – hip hip hooray! Simon was in Cleveland for rugby finals (they won on Saturday – happy but lost on Sunday – sad but this also means they play again next weekend, six hours away but since we will be up north, he can’t go – not at all sad about that myself, but I know he would love to be there for his guys). Can I just say for a moment that the energy my kids possess pretty much amazes me… they were up at 5:45 on Saturday morning, ready for the day – Liam watching the alarm clock in my room and telling me each time the minute hand changed. We had donut plans later that morning with Heidi and her fam since her hubby was also out of town and she texted me to say how sad it was that when we finally saw each other we would have been up for four hours already (!) – ugh. So we hung with the DeKornes until after lunch, then went to a Gymco grand opening where the boys ran, jumped and tumbled for an hour and a half, then stopped at Spoonlickers where the boys did not eat their fro yo creations (so I can’t blame their energy on sugar), continued on to a park for another 90 minutes of activity. After a quick pit stop at Meijer (for ingredients to make the acorn squash quesadillas AGAIN), we went home for dinner and got on our PJs to watch The Lorax. This brought us to bedtime and still my kids were not worn out and after an hour of prolonging actually falling asleep, they were finally out at 8:30ish – that is nearly 15 hours of being awake and fairly active. I was exhausted and they were back up at 6 on Sunday morning, ready to go. Le sigh. But they did declare it the most fun day – which will soon be trumped when they find out we are spending two days at an indoor water park – as long as they don’t drown, I think that will win as the most fun day.

Also, Sandy had her baby on Friday and I get to see her today – so, so excited! I’m at the point where I just love OTHER people’s babies 🙂 So glad they keep having them!

In other news… Jack has developed his own taste in music, which often overlaps with his brothers but he has some of his own faves – which I love!

Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO) | This cracks me up because I have no idea where he heard this song but he sings the lyrics all the time.

Parachute (Ingrid Michaelson) | I really don’t get what he loves about this song – I mean, I love it myself, but it’s not a song typically beloved by small children.

Too Close (Alex Clare) | Which he specifically requests by asking for “Alex Clare;” the song below is an unplugged version, which I might like better than the one I shared here.

As Long as You Love Me (Justin Bieber) | Yup – the kid loves the Biebs and you have to admit it, when he sings “we could be broke” you might love him a little, too. No, just me…

Music Monday: Recent Downloads

We got an iTunes gift card last week and you know what that means – new music! Do yourself a favor and listen to at least one of these, otherwise I might not be your friend any more (you’ll just have to take that chance, if you don’t, unless you would like to end our friendship, in which case, why are you reading my blog?).

Skyfall | Adele (the theme from the upcoming Bond movie – not my favorite Adele song, but “not my favorite from Adele” is still better than a lot of others)

Feel Again | OneRepublic)

Let Her Go | Passenger (This track is actually free on Amazon for October)

Too Close | Alex Clare (you might recognize this song from the Internet Explorer commercial – don’t hold that against it)

It’s Time | Imagine Dragons

The Chain | Ingrid Michaelson (this particular live version)

Gambler | fun. (in preparation for next month’s concert)

Music Monday – Sugar and Ingrid

I saw Ingrid Michaelson and Sugar & the Hi Lows last week. Sarah confessed to me as we walked into the venue that she had no idea who the person was we were going to see but she trusted my judgement. I think she’s glad she did (and for the record, she did know some of Ingrid’s songs, just didn’t know who she was). Loved the music. The opening act was great (they are both solo artists who have collaborated – they are cute and talented and remind me of The Civil Wars). Ingrid was hilarious and even better live than on CD – her voice is beyond impressive.

My faves:
I’ve Got You Covered | Sugar & The Hi Lows

See It For Yourself

Odds of Being Alone

The Way I Am | Ingrid Michaelson

You and I


Nightswimming (Cover of REM’s song)


Music Monday: Well Done


No a perfect picture but just what I needed to see this morning on the way to early-morning PT. Liam joined me for this session so I could just drop him off at school afterwards and it was just a nice morning, complete with a gorgeous sunrise over Reed’s Lake. Makes me want to get up early tomorrow and see it again (and that’s saying a lot).

And like the sunrise, this song makes me want to do better things for myself. Give it a listen if you are looking for a little (Christian) inspiration. It’s a new favorite of mine.

Well Done | Moriah Peters