Music Monday: Jack’s Favorites

We made it through the weekend – hip hip hooray! Simon was in Cleveland for rugby finals (they won on Saturday – happy but lost on Sunday – sad but this also means they play again next weekend, six hours away but since we will be up north, he can’t go – not at all sad about that myself, but I know he would love to be there for his guys). Can I just say for a moment that the energy my kids possess pretty much amazes me… they were up at 5:45 on Saturday morning, ready for the day – Liam watching the alarm clock in my room and telling me each time the minute hand changed. We had donut plans later that morning with Heidi and her fam since her hubby was also out of town and she texted me to say how sad it was that when we finally saw each other we would have been up for four hours already (!) – ugh. So we hung with the DeKornes until after lunch, then went to a Gymco grand opening where the boys ran, jumped and tumbled for an hour and a half, then stopped at Spoonlickers where the boys did not eat their fro yo creations (so I can’t blame their energy on sugar), continued on to a park for another 90 minutes of activity. After a quick pit stop at Meijer (for ingredients to make the acorn squash quesadillas AGAIN), we went home for dinner and got on our PJs to watch The Lorax. This brought us to bedtime and still my kids were not worn out and after an hour of prolonging actually falling asleep, they were finally out at 8:30ish – that is nearly 15 hours of being awake and fairly active. I was exhausted and they were back up at 6 on Sunday morning, ready to go. Le sigh. But they did declare it the most fun day – which will soon be trumped when they find out we are spending two days at an indoor water park – as long as they don’t drown, I think that will win as the most fun day.

Also, Sandy had her baby on Friday and I get to see her today – so, so excited! I’m at the point where I just love OTHER people’s babies 🙂 So glad they keep having them!

In other news… Jack has developed his own taste in music, which often overlaps with his brothers but he has some of his own faves – which I love!

Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO) | This cracks me up because I have no idea where he heard this song but he sings the lyrics all the time.

Parachute (Ingrid Michaelson) | I really don’t get what he loves about this song – I mean, I love it myself, but it’s not a song typically beloved by small children.

Too Close (Alex Clare) | Which he specifically requests by asking for “Alex Clare;” the song below is an unplugged version, which I might like better than the one I shared here.

As Long as You Love Me (Justin Bieber) | Yup – the kid loves the Biebs and you have to admit it, when he sings “we could be broke” you might love him a little, too. No, just me…


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