Music Monday: Recent Downloads

We got an iTunes gift card last week and you know what that means – new music! Do yourself a favor and listen to at least one of these, otherwise I might not be your friend any more (you’ll just have to take that chance, if you don’t, unless you would like to end our friendship, in which case, why are you reading my blog?).

Skyfall | Adele (the theme from the upcoming Bond movie – not my favorite Adele song, but “not my favorite from Adele” is still better than a lot of others)

Feel Again | OneRepublic)

Let Her Go | Passenger (This track is actually free on Amazon for October)

Too Close | Alex Clare (you might recognize this song from the Internet Explorer commercial – don’t hold that against it)

It’s Time | Imagine Dragons

The Chain | Ingrid Michaelson (this particular live version)

Gambler | fun. (in preparation for next month’s concert)


4 responses to “Music Monday: Recent Downloads

  1. Thank you! I did not know that was One Republic

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