Throw Back Thursday

Remember when my sweet child removed the stuffing from one of our couch cushions… File that one under, that’s what daddy gets for taking a shower. Good times.

Speaking of good times, due to my lack of consistent blogging, I have been thinking about when I used to blog more regularly and thought that I would indulge myself with revisiting some of my favorite posts that you might have missed the first time around (because you might be new around here or the ramblings of my formerly Diet-Coke-fueled mind were just tempting enough for you to click through and read the first time around).

Posts that give you insight into who I am: Who is ememby

Categories that can tend to be entertaining:

Specific posts you might enjoy:

I mean everything I have written is totally worth reading so I’m not sure what you are waiting for… get reading, people. There are over 550 posts for you to catch up on!


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