To the tiny, speed-walking pregnant woman who overtook me on the Reed’s Lake path and smiled ever-so knowingly, come talk to me in 5+ years when you are pushing 70+ pounds worth of two children in a non-aerodynamic stroller.* I do not think your non-touching, twig-like thighs will be able to hack it.

To the lovey-dovey high school-aged couple lounging around in the grass who didn’t even give my cute kids a smile when they ran past you at the park and shouted ‘hi,’ someday you will break up. And someday, a gorgeous afternoon spent at the park feeding ducks and eating cheese crackers will be the best part of your day and you (too) will feel old and wonder why those young people don’t bother to smile at your children (though, it should be noted, your kids won’t be nearly as cute as mine).


Tomorrow is the first day of kindergarten, wish us luck and say a little prayer. We’re ready.

*Liam rides on the handlebar/canopy of the Graco stroller when he can’t handle walking, today it was the entire walk.


One response to “Karma

  1. hahahahaha!

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