Music Monday: Liam’s [Current] Favorites

Real quick, a shout out to my dad who’s having his knee replaced today:
Love you, dad! Hope the surgery goes smoothly and recovery even better!
See you Wednesday! Love your pumpkin dunkin’

Here are the songs that are on constant rotation in our swagger wagon by Liam’s request (and really, Jack’s request too, someone wants to be just like his big brother):

Moves Like Jagger | Maroon 5

Where’d You Go [clean version] | Fort Minor

Teenage Dream | Glee cast version (he can sing all the lyrics, thankfully he doesn’t ask what it is about)

1234 | Feist

Also, happy birthday to my sweet friend, Sarah, and sister-in-law, Janelle! October is full of birthdays of people I know and love – it’s apparently a very popular time to have babies (and about 9 months prior was/is a popular time to make babies – just sayin’). Happy mid-October!


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