Gratitude, 81-100

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81. Baby Ethan’s safe arrival.

82. Baby L’s safe arrival.

83. A MOPS’ table get together [at the yummy Marie Catrib’s].

84. A couple [late] days of Indian summer.

85. The ability to make good food that people enjoy.

86. Italian Sweet Cream coffee creamer.

87. That Liam has friends in his after-school art class and that he enjoys it.

88. Gift cards to Panopolous that allow me to buy stuff I wouldn’t normally get for myself with zero guilt.

89. Companies that can take a joke and deliver a hilarious response

90. Having the resources that allow us to sponsor a child in the Congo, and the opportunity to do so.

91. Friends who allow you to have a self-pitying bad day and don’t think you are too damaged.

92. Not having to worry about hurricane damage to our home.

93. That a couple of “my teams” won this past weekend.

94. That Simon had a good coaching year for rugby and that he is missing the last game to go away with the fam this weekend.

95. Getting to take Jack to his first in-the-theater movie.

96. Friends who are always happy and willing to watch my boys when I need the “village” to pitch in.

97. Friends who let me invite myself over to hang out when our husbands are out of town.

98. Texting

99. The Voice

100. Having parents who were in their 40s when they had me.

What are you grateful for lately?


3 responses to “Gratitude, 81-100

  1. i shudder at the thought of you not texting just a few short years ago. that’s what I”M thankful for šŸ™‚ you joining me in text AND blogville šŸ™‚

  2. (and sandys donuts)

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