Gratitude, 41-60

41. That Liam will still give me a kiss goodbye when I drop him off at school.

42. A teacher for Liam that he loved at first meeting.

43. Spoonlickers

44. A beautiful college campus to walk around with Jack before we get Liam from school.

45. Song lyrics that speak to me.

46. Friends who remember things.

47. Friends who are forgiving when I don’t remember everything.

48. My bargain-hunting husband.

49. Physical therapy.

50. Our borrowed stationary bike.

51. The ability to find out about almost anything on the Internet, using my phone.

52. $10 Starbucks giftcards for only $5.

53. Diet Coke, leaded or unleaded.

54. Pretzel Crisps.

55. Anything on a pretzel bun.

56. Jack wanting to cuddle more often.

57. Feeling George’s little body curled up next to me in bed.

58. Jack’s random singing of [perhaps] inappropriate song lyrics

59. Getting to help a friend’s daughter with her earrings [since I have boys, not likely something I’ll get to do in the future, which is not to say they won’t ever get their ears pierced, but not when they are young enough to need my help]

60. Cooler evenings.

Previously: 1-20, 21-40

What are you grateful for lately?


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