Gratitude, 61-80

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61. Having the ability to be crafty.

62. A husband who lets me stay home and sleep until nearly noon when I’m not feeling well.

63. A husband who will take Jack to the doctor and bribe him with McDonald’s while he gets his ears irrigated.

64. Spotify

65. Coffee dates with Keri

66. My former MOPS table and our friendship/bond.

67. Date nights with friends.

68. That Liam is learning and loving to read.

69. That Jack is feeling better.

70. That both boys love the Wednesday night program at a local church.

71. That I can use my creative talents for promoting church things.

72. That my dad’s knee is healing, post-replacement.

73. Having insurance that covers the traction equipment.

74. That my nieces are so close in age to me and that we are friends.

75. That I can play Words with Friends and check Instagram while I’m waiting to get Liam at school.

76. That BW3s has $2 kids meals and games on Wednesday nights.

77. Reconnecting with people from my past who I always admired and respected.

78. That God is always good.

79. That rugby season is almost done and that it has been a good one.

80. That Thanksgiving is next month!

What are you grateful for lately?


5 responses to “Gratitude, 61-80

  1. Whoa…Thanksgiving is next month already?!?!?

    This means I’m WAY behind in my Christmas purchases/ crafts.

  2. I did not know this about bdubs on Wednesdays!!! I thought it was Sunday!

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