Wednesday Randoms


  • Since I just did a search term post but saw this referring search term, I have to share it here rather than wait to share it in six months when I do another post: “there are two things i would rather do in my life” [I am dying to know who the person is that can’t think of TWO things they would rather do in their life and instead had to Google the phrase with the hopes of stealing someone else’s idea. Also, rather do that WHAT? Breathe… shoplift… have children… eat watermelon]
  • Thank you to the person who commiserated with me this morning (when I dumped my newly-purchased coffee granita all over the counter) by telling me they did the same thing last week but unfortunately instead of dumping it on just the counter, their drink went all over a woman in a business suit. She was not pleased. Also, thank you to the kind barista who refilled my cup, clearly I needed the caffeine.
  • I returned a dress at Macy’s today and when the cashier commented on what I good deal I had gotten, I almost decided NOT to return it, even though I have no intention of ever wearing it or needing to wear it. This is the moment I will look back on and realize that I successfully avoided becoming a hoarder by making the choice to still return the dress.
  • I also got a free 10-day sample of Clinique’s face lotion, but as a requirement for getting it, the woman had me sign up for a consultation in two weeks to go back and tell her how the lotion worked. I have no intention of going back for this appointment. And I highly doubt the tiny tube she gave me will possibly last ten days… they must have used people with very tiny faces to determine the amount they should dole out.
  • I made sun pickles this past weekend – I could eat a whole jar in one sitting; they are practically a health food (aside from the sodium). They are also SUPER garlic-y… you’ve been warned if you see me.
  • I had to laugh when I went in our [shared] work bathroom today – no, I did not see someone from the gym changing their clothes – but in one of the stalls, there were three empty toilet paper rolls and a newly opened one sitting on the holder that was holding another empty roll. Along with the gym, we also share the building with a driving school and they are very busy in the summer so we have a multitude of teenagers coming through but in all the people it took to use four rolls of toilet paper, not one person thought to throw the empty rolls away or put a new roll ON the holder. Sigh. This is why other countries are ahead of us… their teens have common sense and the ability to do simple tasks for themselves.
  • I had to pick up a laptop from a client’s Help Desk this morning and when I introduced myself to the IT guy at the desk, he said, “So you’re the infamous Michelle Bennett from [my business]…” I simply replied, “Nice to meet you.” It would concern me more if I didn’t know there was a person in their department with the same name as me and people fairly regularly get us confused via email… I assume that’s what he was referring to and not some other reason for him to know my name, like, “Oh, you’re the person who can never remember what you need to do when you have to change your password and then need to re-log onto your laptop and it won’t take your new password.” That would just be petty on their part.
  • I feel like “Don’t hit or bite anyone” is a warning I shouldn’t have to say to my kids any more, and yet, that’s exactly what I told Jack today when I dropped him off at daycare. Last week he bit a kid and then immediately told the teachers that the kid bit himself… um, really?
  • When I answer the phone at work and there is a long pause before a recorded message starts, I always hang up. Does anyone listen to those messages and say, “Wow, that sounds like a great opportunity, I’m going to stay on the line and wait for a customer service representative to exploit my stupidity take all my information and get me to sign up for something I don’t need.”
  • I unpacked the rest of our bedroom boxes last night and in the process pulled a bunch of stuff out of a dresser drawer that I had put in there over a bunch of years and determined that I have too much jewelry (especially since I mostly wear my everyday jewelry at this point) but I can’t figure out what to get rid of (see: hoarder tendencies). So now it is all sitting on top my dresser and I am betting it is making Simon’s eye all twitchy when he looks at it.
  • Jack’s love for numbers continues to grow… almost every question he asks is related in some way to a number and he has started doing simple math, for example: “How many bags of Popchips are left?” “Six.” [we had 9 originally] “So we have eaten 3 of them?” I could like to claim responsibility for this new interest or intelligence, but like most parenting wins, this one came about by sheer luck and happenstance.
  • Liam turns seven next week… how does this happen? He’s also obsessed with potty talk and farting… sigh.
  • My brother and family from Texas are coming north next week – we cannot wait! My college-age nephew may be less excited when he learns the boys are hoping he will have a sleepover with them… they promise to go right to sleep.
  • We skipped out on the beach last weekend – it was only a high of 70 (as opposed to the 95-degree weather we’d had the week before).
  • I was walking out of the grocery store last week and a little girl was sitting in a cart next to my car while her mom unloaded groceries. As I approached her, she cheerfully shouted, “Hi!” and when I responded, she continued with, “My mommy is really angry.” Her poor mother looked up, shocked but I just smiled and said, “Oh, I understand, I’m a mommy, too!” We’re all in this together.
  • That’s all the news worth reporting.



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