Things I Love Thursday: Cake

Today I share with you cake. Two* cakes, actually. Two cakes I made to celebrate Liam’s birthday and my niece, Quinn’s birthday. I love cake. But I especially love good, out-of-the-ordinary cake. Something more interesting that your usual boxed cake (mostly because I like to make life harder on myself). Last year, inspired by my friend, Keri, I used the frozen buttercream transfer method to make a Lightning McQueen cake for Liam’s 4th birthday. While not perfect, I was still thrilled with how it turned out and so was a certain 4-year-old.

Liam asked for another Lightning cake this year and I had to divert him to something else, specifically a rainbow cake (because I wanted to make one). And for Quinn I thought something chocolaty was in order. Because Quinn’s little one can’t eat eggs, I found two recipes with nary an egg in them.

The first for the rainbow cake is easy-peasy (aside from the whole complication of dividing the batter into six bowls and mixing with food coloring). You buy a bow of white cake mix and add a can of lemon-lime soda (a.k.a., Sprite). And bake. For the rainbow, that’s another story – I followed the directions on this website. I will tell you that the cake took FOREVER to bake. But it was so pretty:


Quinn’s cake was from this recipe. But I baked it in a bundt pan (I cannot say bundt without thinking of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” anyone else?). And then I topped it with chocolate ganache. Hello there, handsome. (The rainbow cake had a chocolate ganache and oreo filling to make it yummier and the instant pudding/whipped topping frosting from the original recipe – only with the full sugar pudding and only reduced fat store-brand whipped topping.)


Are you hungry yet? (she asked with a wicked grin)

*I realize I actually talked about five cakes but when I started this post, I was only going to show you the two recent cakes but then I remembered I could download pictures from FB to show you the others and then I didn’t want to go back and redo the beginning. Instead I spent my time typing up this paragraph. You’re welcome.

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10 responses to “Things I Love Thursday: Cake

  1. That’s so funny… I (obviously) just made a Lightning McQueen cake for Tyler’s birthday- and just the other day I decided that I wanted to try a rainbow cake for Avery’s birthday because I thought it looked fun (and would make for a fun/easy “theme”). I’ll have to check out your recipe!

    • For the rainbow cake, the only thing I’d do differently would be to NOT divide the batter evenly, you want more of the top colors of the rainbow (i.e., red, orange, yellow) and gradually less of the others. My red section almost disappeared. Alas. It was still pretty. This was also my easy way of not doing six layers as I’ve seen other rainbow cakes.

  2. Awesome! I’m in awe of your cullinary skills. And mad salad making skills. Notice, I did not say “skillz”. Because that would taint your blog.

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