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Top Ten Halloween Observations

1. Traditions are wonderful and I’m so glad we’ve got some for our kids – one such tradition is spending Halloween with our good friends and their girls. We’ve done this every Halloween since Liam and Keila were 1 and plan on continuing it long into the future!

2. My mom totally had the right idea about being the one to stay at home while my dad took me around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Tracey and I send the boys off with the kiddos and we hand out candy at their house. It’s a perfect set up.

3. Halloween really is fun for the whole family – the kids get to haul in the candy with the illusion that they will get to eat it all and the parents get to sneak it out of their buckets after they go to bed.

4. I enjoy being able to make Halloween costumes – and I’m not at all being sarcastic about that. Though I feel like the Angry Bird costumes might be the pinnacle of my costume-making career.

5. The grown up costumes are way more entertaining than the kid costumes – all the teachers at Liam’s school dressed up for the parade but my favorite was the male teacher who was dressed like a blond Dorothy.


He at least should have gone the extra mile and shaved his legs, don’t you think?

6. If you are helping out with the class Halloween party and having to make a fool out of yourself by doing Halloween motions with the kids for a game (e.g., flap your arms like a bat, walk like a skeleton and dance like a princess), the least the other parents could do is avert their eyes and not sit and watch you.

7. Carving pumpkins is not worth the effort if your kids are too little to actually clean them out and do any of the work. We tried last year and completely skipped that activity this year but since I made their costumes (from scratch, without a pattern) I figure I can let it slide.

8. Parents at our school take the Halloween parade very seriously – I arrive 20 minutes early and still had to drive on the bike path to park out on the lawn by the road.

9. My kids make darn cute Angry Birds.


10. When you haven’t eaten a whole lot of sugar for 6 months – 3 snack sized candy bars make you hyper… but at least I know the crash is coming…

P.S. It’s NOVEMBER! How did this happen?

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Top Ten Concert Observations for the Elderly

When I first looked into the tickets to see Boyce Avenue, I never really checked what the venue was, I just knew it was Ann Arbor (at least according to their website listing). But it wasn’t until I purchased them that I realized the concert was not actually in Ann Arbor but a few miles away in Ypsilanti at Eastern Michigan University’s campus. I shrugged and didn’t really think anything of it… until we pulled up right in front of the auditorium in my minivan and looked at the waiting crowd of teenagers and barely twenty-somethings and both burst out laughing. We spent a few minutes playing spot the old person and then we bucked up and joined the crowd.

A few observations from the evening… perhaps a slight insight in to how concert-going is a bit different now that I’m *cough* older.

  1. I had no desire to rush the front door and as I noted yesterday, when the doors open, instead of rushing forward, Stefanie and I stepped backwards and waited to join the fray.
  2. The tickets for the concert were just print outs with a scannable code on them, but at the door, the workers just took our papers and didn’t even look at them. This seemed like a flawed system, something I wouldn’t have even thought twice about in college, unless I was trying to figure out a way to only have purchased one ticket and used it for multiple people (which would be wrong, yet cost-effective, and only reasonable given their flawed system).
  3. While the girl next to me was swooning over the opening act and declaring her love for him, another YouTube-launched singer, Stef and I were very concerned that perhaps he needed some medicating to slow him down a bit or some guidance in putting his nervous ticks in check and pausing between ending one song and jumping in to the explanation of the next song. I suppose if I were 15 years younger, I might have found him attractive, instead I found him distracting.
  4. We did not have to worry about being inappropriately old – there were other grown ups there who were there chaperoning their teenage children so they were clearly older than us. There was also a couple that brought their toddler and at the end of the concert they were scooping her up off the floor where she had fallen asleep… why didn’t I think to bring Liam or Jack with me? Oh right, because it would have been a stupid idea.
  5. Earlier in the week, Stef and I texted back and forth over finding a coveted dark circle erasing and age rewinding concealer at Walgreens – and I feel I can confidently say, none of the other friends at that concert had a similar text exchange.
  6. During the second opening act, Stef and I burst out laughing at each other because we were singing along with everyone else to the band’s cover of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” – though Stef pointed out the other girls knew the song because they loved the Biebs whereas we knew the song because our kids like it. [Confession: I actually know the song because of you, Stef. Grin.]
  7. At 9:30 when we were waiting for Boyce Avenue to come on, we were both yawning and checking our watches. I remember when 9:30 was the starting time for a night out, not the time when I was thinking fondly of my warm bed.
  8. There were lots of little couples cuddled up together, but if they were actually paying attention to the lyrics, they would perhaps think twice about making out during a song about childhood abuse, just a thought.
  9. After finding out Saturday was the last concert of the tour our reaction was not to burst into tears and rend our garments but instead Stef hopefully said, “I hope they get to go home and see their mom!” (the band is made up of three brothers) It’s all about priorities and momma should always come first.
  10. At the end of the night, the swagger wagon is a great way to pull into and out of a college campus and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


In case you couldn’t tell, that’s me in the mini(van) in front of the auditorium – I iz 2 cool!

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Top Ten Things I’ve Googled [Recently]

Can anyone remember what the world was like before the Internet and Google? Well, that’s a little extreme, of course I remember because I’m not that old to have forgotten or so young that the World Wide Web was always a part of my life (I’m just right). But it makes me laugh to think that I used to look up answers to things in a dictionary or encyclopedia. And if I couldn’t find the answers there I’d either not know the answer or ask my dad (because he knew everything, or was really good at faking an answer). Present day, if there is something I don’t know the answer to, I do what everyone else does, I Google it – either on my laptop or my phone – answers are really never more than a few seconds away. Of course, they aren’t always the right answers, but even the wrong answers can be amusing and it gives me the opportunity to use my skills of discernment to decide if I think that particular website is full of bunk (see Google makes me smarter).

And since I share a list of amusing search terms that led to my blog, I thought it only fair that I share a list of terms I’ve used in searching for answers to some of my many, many questions. The search terms people use are so telling about what is going on in their lives and what is on their minds, I actually since this mundane list fascinating about people. What won’t show up here are the number of times I turn to IMDB to help me remember where I’ve seen a certain actor before or to learn the name of a random guest actor on a TV show I’m watching. Also not here are the searches I do on WebMD… the modern version of my mom’s medical encyclopedias. At least I don’t believe everything I find there, otherwise I’d be quite certain I have cancer and also malaise (a general feeling of unwellness).

In no particular order, Google terms I’ve used (I’ve learned the more specific, the better):

  1. How does an upright piano work | Because I wasn’t certain the piano strings were called “strings” for my GR Symphony review for Kids on the Grand (coming soon)
  2. Natural heartburn remedies | Because I suspect that Prilosec is actually making my heartburn worse (I also used the term “Prilosec cause heartburn”)
  3. Sturdiest carry on luggage | We need a good suitcase we can use to strap Jack’s car seat to and tote him around the airport using just an “O” ring from the hardware store, our current one does not have a locking handle
  4. Computer acting like it’s the first time I’ve logged on | Because my computer was acting like it was the first time I used it
  5. How to get a toddler to sit still | I hoped perhaps someone found a miracle cure to toddleritis, no such luck. I believe this was in a moment of desperation.
  6. old navy free shipping code | Because if I’m shopping online, I hate paying for shipping
  7. star wars party favors | I have a five year old…
  8. russian honey cake | best cake I ever had and that was 15 years ago, but since it was in Kazakhstan, I’ve never replicated it but I knew Google would help me out. Now I just need to make the cake.
  9. Thai house grand rapids closed | Because my favorite Thai restaurant is now closed without any warning or signage left behind to tell us what happened… dear lady who ran Thai House – where are you? Can I come eat at your house?
  10. Group purchasing websites | Because I remembered I bought a JcPenney deal but couldn’t recall which site I bought it through, answer: Plum District.

So there you go, my mundane list of searches…

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Top Ten Things That Might Surprise You About Me*

1. My toenails have had polish on them approximately 51 out of the last 52 weeks.

2. I find Joel McHale very attractive. My husband supports this attraction; mostly because it allows for his attraction to Chelsea Handler.

3. I’m relatively new to texting and I LOVE IT! It completes the teenage part of me that used to love talking on the phone AND the adult part of me who hates talking on the phone (except to my parents – still love talking to them).

4. I love talking to my parents on the phone. Seriously, they are great people and good conversationalists.

5. I have no desire to take a cruise or visit Hawaii. None. I’m sure they’d be pretty but there are just other place I’d rather go.

6. I cannot use squatty potties properly, I have to completely undress below the waist and this is not really a best practice. Of course I had to use them before I found Google, perhaps I could have researched the proper way.

7. I miss MacGuyver – I thought he was pretty awesome. And Murdock freaked me out. (Any other MacGuyver fans out there?)

8. I was not an English major. Ironic since I work for a company that primarily does editing and writing. I’m the token business/graphic design major.

9. I had the entire last season of House on the DVR that I never got around to watching and finally let Simon delete it a couple of weeks ago. Too many weeks went by and I couldn’t get started and let it overwhelm me. I was bested by a TV show and I can admit it.

10. I’m an introverted extrovert. Sometimes I’m totally on a roll when I talk with people and other times I leave a conversation and wonder how I have any friends.

*(or not)

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Top Ten Things On My Mind

  1. Why did they have to remake Footloose? With Julianne Hough of all people? And when did Dennis Quaid turn from attractive leading man to disapproving, fuddy-duddy father figure?
  2. Is it a valid reason to call in sick so I can watch all the shows on my DVR? Nope… I didn’t think so. Equally invalid would be calling in sick to catch up on all the unread blog posts in my feed reader.
  3. Why does George (our dog) have random bouts of licking where he simply won’t stop licking the air? Not himself or something else, just the air.
  4. Which of our possible/potential new office locations are the best option for us? I feel like a kid at Christmas, thinking about the possibilities. [Goodness, that makes me feel old, looking forward to a new office space.]
  5. Is there anything in the world that would tempt Jack into using the potty? He simply has no interest or inclination to not use a diaper. Which incidentally is not too much of a problem at the moment since it looks like we’ll be heading to Australia at the end of the year and I can’t imagine that a newly potty trained toddler + 30ish hours of travel = a good idea.
    Which leads to the next thing on my mind:
  6. How on earth are we going to keep Jack and Liam entertained for 30ish hours of travel to Australia and then again on the way back home three weeks later? Anyone want to join us (and pay their own way)?
  7. How can we pack 5 years’ worth (or more) of quality time with family and friends into three short weeks while we are in Australia? And in all seriousness, we are going for non-laughable reasons (otherwise we would not endeavor such a trip with Jack in tow, or even Liam for that matter) and the gravity of our trip is heavy on my heart and mind.
  8. Will Amazon’s Kindle Fire be as amazing as they say it will be? Dear Amazon: I love my current Kindle, but I’d happily take the Fire for a test run of a permanent nature, for market research, of course. Love, Michelle
  9. Who thought it was a good idea for Rachel Bilson to play a doctor in a TV show? This casting perplexes me. Also, why do I watch Gossip Girl and therefore see commercials with Rachel Bilson playing a doctor?
  10. Why does Liam have to fall down constantly while “playing” soccer? At least he didn’t cry during his game this past weekend, sadly he made another kid cry because he pushed them down. Super.

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