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High School Photos

For your viewing pleasure, pictures of me from high school. Remember, I was cool (or something like that).

Hanging out in the yearbook room, senior year. My friend, Julia, was brushing my hair – apparently I needed some help with that. My this stage I’d downgraded my ring-wearing to only one finger on each hand but I had not lost my love of turtlenecks. Adding to that, I developed a fondness for vests and Chuck Taylors (I owned three pairs and they were the only tennis shoes I wore for years – I liked to call my look preppy grunge).

In the yearbook room with my co-editor, Janet. I hear she is now a professor somewhere, I am not. She was the brains behind the operation, or at least the more dedicated one (she was valedictorian, an honor I only missed because of two “B”s on my report card – I cried, I was a bit of a nerd). But aren’t you jealous of my long hair (and my turtleneck)?

This was a staged photo for the yearbook – we needed a shot of someone in the classroom – being yearbook editor meant I also got to slip my own photo in as much as I could. Pursed lips = smarty pants. And another vest, though sadly, no turtleneck.

This was likely sophomore year since I was still sporting both glasses and braces but not a full hand of rings. This was also before I discovered thinning shears when I got my hair cut so my hairstyle was slightly triangular. But I did have a leather bomber jacket, so there’s that.

With the same friend, Pauline, as in the previous picture but this was two years earlier in middle school on our band and orchestra trip to Cedar Point. Wasn’t I too cute? I’m quite certain I got the curls in my hair from using sponge rollers the night before and the outfit I was wearing included a floral print jumper/shorts combo.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this forray into my clothing choices… the good news is, it doesn’t have to stop here, we got a new printer/scanner this weekend so now I can share more embarrassing photos.



I mentioned yesterday that I purchased a B.U.M. sweatshirt with some of my hard-earned cash, as proof, I offer up this lovely photo I discovered on Facebook from my freshman year of high school. It’s because I love you that I am willing to share this awesomeness with you. You’re welcome.

I would also like to point of the following things from this photo:

  • I am wearing the heck out of that sweatshirt WITH a turtleneck.
  • Thankfully the flash didn’t reflect off my braces too badly and blind the camera
  • I wore rings on every finger, every day (and one thumb, though not the one you can see)
  • After the trauma of the rectangle of bangs on top of my head, I avoided bangs completely but still wanted some lift to the front of my hair to mimic the curled claw of bangs sported by many of my classmates so I took the top part of my hair and twisted it and then pushed it forward and clipped it down to create a poof on top of my head. Sadly, I had not also embraced backcombing so my poof never rose to the heights displaying by some of the other girls I went to school with.
  • I was cool. Can’t you tell?
  • Also, don’t you love my friend’s couch in the background?

Working Girl

Since I was able, I have worked. I’ve always liked earning money (perhaps a little too much) and when I was younger, I found a lot of freedom in having my own money and being able to buy the things I wanted. While I did have a savings account that I was expected to put money into, I was also able to do what I wanted with the money I earned. And it was on me to buy the things I wanted that my parents didn’t think necessary like B.U.M. Equipment-branded clothing, Skids pants, hypercolor clothing (let’s pause to think about the appropriateness of clothing that changes color depending on body heat, for teenagers) and accessories from Contempo Casuals.
But this post is not to recount all the stupid ways I have spent my hard-earned cash (evidence: I also purchased and wore a Coed N@ked Bungee Jumping shirt, as “Coed N@ked… [fill-in the blank]” shirts were ever so popular). Instead, I’d like to reflect on all the jobs that I have held since it hit me that I have worked consistently since I was about 13 and started babysitting. That’s 20 years, which seems like it should be time for retirement, yet I’m not even middle-aged (I hope). Continue reading

Things I Love Thursday: My “Everyday” Jewelry

I have jewelry I wear pretty much everyday, without fail, and I love it. Most of it came from my husband (awww), he has good taste, or at least good sense in following hints.

I’ll share them in the order I got them. The ring below is my oldest piece, I got it before I was married and is not from the hubs. I found it at the Easttown Street Fair and the scrolling reminded me of the letter “S.” My maiden name starts with S so I thought it was a fitting ring for me to have, knowing that someday I wouldn’t have that last name and I wanted something to always have with me as a reminder to honor where I came from.

My engagement ring and wedding band. The engagement ring was all my husband’s doing, he picked it out without any input from me – in fact, I thought we weren’t getting engaged until after I met his family in Australia but he proposed two months before our trip. Sneaky, sneaky. The wedding band was a joint collaboration, but it was one we both loved. The hubs got a stainless steel ring with no bling (so it could withstand the roughness he put it through at work but would be cutable in case his hand ever got stuck in something, unlike titanium) but as a consolation, he also got an XBox – that’s the traditional bride-to-groom gift, right?
The watch below was a gift from my husband shortly after we got married, on the back it has the words “To My Wif” because after we got married we kept saying, it just doesn’t seem real so he called me “wif” and I called him “hubsand.” But when he went to get the engraving done, they verified multiple times that he actually wanted it mis-spelled.

The bracelet is actually the newest addition, it’s a Lucky Fin bracelet from the Lucky Fin Project. The mission of the Lucky Fin Project is to educate, celebrate, support and unite with regard to limb differences. Our youngest, Jack, was born without a fully developed left hand, called symbrachydactyly. Like Nemo and his small lucky fin, Jack doesn’t let anything keep him back and shows us every day that he certainly doesn’t need his missing four fingers. It’s important to education our children so they learn that things that are different aren’t wrong or bad, they are just different and how God made us. Some people have red hair, short legs, need a wheelchair or glasses; everyone has something that makes them different. My bracelet is a reminder of this, plus the money goes to support the mission of the Lucky Fin Project (they also have bumper stickers).
My necklace is perhaps my favorite piece of jewelry. Oh how I love Lisa Leonard and her designs. I strongly hinted to Simon that I wanted the tag necklace with the boys’ names on it (read: I put everything in a shopping basket on her website and emailed it to Simon, but he bought it). But for our five-year anniversary, I was surprised with the ring engraved with our names on one side and our wedding date on the other. I love, love, love it.

This post is linked up with Jill at Diaper Diaries.

Things I Like About Me

Ciao Mom’s linkup called Things I Like About Me came across my feed reader via Life with Baby Donut and despite the fact that I just listed 100 things about myself yesterday, I’m going to risk talking about myself again (because really, that’s kind of the point of this blog). I think it’s good and healthy to put some thought into good things about yourself, it helps reveal truths and areas for growth. As a Christian, it’s important we view ourselves with some love because that’s how God sees us, as a cherished child.

So, without further adieu… Things I Like About Me:

  1. I have a positive outlook on life. I don’t let things bring me down and I have faith that things happen for a reason and that they will get better.
  2. I’m also fairly laid back about things (not always, but much of the time). I might get hot and bothered about an issue or a driver whose intelligence I question, but in the rest of life I take things in stride. This is super handy in raising boys because they are always into things and running around like crazy and while it does get to me, in general we just go with the flow. The craziness doesn’t make me anxious, for as often as it can drive me a little nuts.
  3. I have a good blend of book smarts and common sense, and linear and creative thinking. I don’t think just one way and can see different perspectives or ways of approaching a problem.
  4. I’m a good gift-giver… I like finding unique things that the receiver will enjoy. I hate feeling like I got someone something that didn’t take any thought (though sometimes this is the case because life is busy and doesn’t always allow for shopping).
  5. I appreciate the beauty and specialness of everyday things and moments. Life isn’t filled with momentous occasions or life-changing memories, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fully appreciate the daily hugs, the silly laughter or the fluffy white clouds in the sky.
  6. I like entertaining and providing food/nourishment for my friends and family. I cannot wait to have a bigger house so we can more readily do this. I hope that as my boys grow up, we have the house where their friends want to hang out.
  7. I have the best of intentions for all of my relationships, which I guess means I’m genuine or authentic. I’m not perfect and I know I can let people down but I approach friendships and family always wanting the best for our interactions. I have no hidden agendas.
  8. I’m always learning and open to improvement. I think there’s always room for improvement and try not to be stagnant in life.
  9. I’m a communicator and always try to put things into words. Duh. As proof, I give you: this entire blog.
  10. I’m thoughtful. I feel like this might have been covered in one of the above, but one thing I value over most things is thoughtfulness. To me, there is no excuse for rudeness, certainly not in dealing with the people in our lives but also in dealing with people like servers, store clerks and receptionists. I think I try to be thoughtful and courteous because I’m overly empathetic to how my actions (and the actions of those around me) might make someone else feel. This can, at times, make me overly sensitive, but I’d rather be too sensitive than obtuse.

Ten seems like a good number of things to have. I’d encourage you to make your own list – it doesn’t have to be on a blog, but it’s just a nice thing to do for yourself. Keep it and look at it as a reminder of what makes you special and wonderful.