Top Ten Amusing Search Terms That Led to My Blog

One of my favorite bloggers posts from time to time listing some amusing search terms that have led to her site. While I don’t have a ton of traffic rolling into my site (or even a few pounds of traffic), there have been a number of search terms that I find amusing in one way or another.

For your enjoyment:

  1. vomit queasy bowl | dear whoever used this search term, I’m so sorry.
  2. my teacher washed my hair in the sink I hope it wasn’t because a bird pooped on your head, too, but I’m not sure there could be a good reason for that to happen.
  3. in love with chick fil a | I completely understand and I believe it’s one of the great tragedies of my life that there are not Chick Fil A’s in Michigan. But FYI, I hear that Chick Fil A is extremely non-committal so you might want to explore other options for love.
  4. that would be bad | indeed, it would be bad (also, I might use that phrase a little too much)
  5. secret regrets june | that’s awfully specific and P.S. you probably won’t have much luck if they are secret regrets
  6. met you at lollapalooza 2011 + shoulders | clearly this searcher was looking for their soul mate, it has all the makings of a timeless love story
  7. its friday | you had to google that?
  8. baby bungee cord/baby bungy cord/baby bungie cord (all three spellings) | someone certainly is persistent
  9. roll ’em ferndock (various spellings) | again with the multiple spellings, but this time for such an uncommon phrase – dad, is that you?
  10. cake | Of all the possibilities for this single, common word, someone came to my site by searching for cake; that makes my day. And now I want some cake.

Top Ten {Tuesday}This post is linked to Oh Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday.


17 responses to “Top Ten Amusing Search Terms That Led to My Blog

  1. Clearly, I don’t have a blog- because I had no idea you could find the search terms that led to your site. Funny!

  2. I need to look into this for my blog…cause you have me ROLLING in laughter! How do you find this out?

    Mmmmm, cake.

    • In the stats section of WordPress they have the info, I’m sure they must have something similar for blogspot… I dunno. I just love that someone searched for the term “cake” really – what were you hoping to find?

  3. Wow, how did you figure this out??? I think I would be a bit scared to determine how people found my blog… 😉 Great list!!

  4. This cracks me up!! I didn’t even know it was possible to know how people found your site. I’m cracking up by ‘my teacher washed my hair in the sink’ and ‘baby bungee cord’…I don’t know what that is let alone what it could possibly be used for. So so funny.

    • Yes, and someone really wanted to know about those baby bungee cords – perhaps they have a sneaky kid like Jack who requires alternate methods of childproofing (I’d completely consider bungee-cording the fridge if I thought it wouldn’t be a pain in the butt! But if they are looking for a tiny bungee cord, perhaps for their kid’s barbie or strapping something to a Vespa.

  5. I am laughing to the point of tears. Yours has become one of my favorite blogs. I love you more every time I read it. Thanks for sharing from your thoughts.

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